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Recycle Programs

· Nebraskaland Days Recycling – KNPLCB works with the Nebraskaland Days Board for festivities that take place in June. Thousands of pounds of aluminum and plastics are recycled during rodeos and concerts. This is the biggest recycling event throughout the year.

· Local Sports Recycling— Volunteers take care of recycle bins at complexes in softball, baseball and soccer fields.

· America Recycles Day – This is a national event that take place in November of each year. KNPLCB hosts Junk to Funk, a Recycled Art show, to help promote America Recycles Day. Here artists are invited to share their recycled creations to the community. This is a great opportunity to educate the public on different ways to reuse and recycle items that could end up in the landfill.

· School Recycling— KNLCB assists with recycling efforts in schools like North Platte Public Schools and McDaid and St. Pats Catholic Schools. KNPLCB provides recycling bins to classrooms and hosts school wide recycling competitions, from can collections to plastic bags collections. Contact KNPLCB office for more information on how you can become involved in recycling in your building.

· Electronic Recycling— E-Waste accounts for 40% of lead in landfills. It’s also the fastest growing component of the solid waste stream as consumers upgrade cell phones, computers, TVs, audio equipment and printers more frequently than ever before! Help Recycle E-Waste Responsibly and Protect the planet by participating or hosting an E-Cycle event in your community.

· Festival of Trees- KNPLCB participates in a fundraiser that benefits the Miss Nebraska Scholarship Fund and Children’s Miracle Network . A tree is created out of trash and is auctioned off at the end of the show. The event offers education on reuse and recycling.